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An Easy Payment App Version 2.0

An Easy Payment App Version 2.0

Alas!!! A suite of forums where you can review products and services and do your research via reviews before you purchase a product or service!!! Yayeeee!!! Or maybe you have a business or are a solopreneur and provide a service. TheLaZyMarketerClub’s Review Clubs can increase your credibility and authority online through your online reputation via reviews. Encourage customers, clients or business associates to leave a review.

How Does This Platform Work?

  1. Customers –  Customers can review a product or service that they have recently purchased or used.
  2. Club Cubs – Club Cubs can request a product or service to be reviewed.
  3. Businesses – Businesses can create a business page to allow customers, clients, guests, visitors etc. to write reviews. Businesses may also link their review page to their Directory Club/Event Club listing.
  4. Team – Randomly, our team will add products or services that are new, hot, pending, horrible or trending to allow Club Cubs to share their experiences. “Each one, help one.”

Why Do We Use It?

  1. Customers – To avoid scams and wasting your time and money. Or to avoid horrible service. Read before you buy, visit, use or engage.
  2. Club Cubs – To create a community that shares what we have learned or experienced.
  3. Businesses – Online Reputation Management and credibility. This not only creates a huge buzz about your product or service, but it also creates accountability.
  4. Team – Because we always want to bring you the best.

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An Amazing App

Rated 4 out of 5
March 22, 2021

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Raul M. Geiger